Hi friends!  Welcome to our “tended homestead.”  I’m so glad you’re here!  I’m Janine.  I’m married to an amazing man who also happens to be my best friend – Caleb.  Together, we have two beautiful girls.  We recently moved to the mountains of North Carolina and are loving the views.  It has been a journey getting this far, and I know we have so much further to go but I’m totally enjoying the ride.   

Why “Tended Homestead”?

IMG_2850One of the themes Caleb and I have seen in our lives is the faithfulness of God.  Over and over again, we have gotten ourselves into a mess and He has been there – right in the middle – and brought the answer.  It wasn’t always the answer we wanted or prayed for – but it was exactly what we needed.

It is the constant, faithful care of God that led us to the idea of being “tended” – faithfully cared for.  I’ve also seen in my own life that until I can accept the “tending” of God, I struggle with caring for – or “tending” – those around me.  Writing is one of the ways I’m pausing to look for God’s tending. It’s a record of the weeds God is pulling from the garden of my heart as well as a bite of the harvest after making it through the cold, heat, and storms.  In my weakness and inability – He has been strong.

This is also a journal of how I’m learning to tend – to care for myself, my family, and my home the way God cares for me.  It’s not a view of perfection by any means – but rather a glimpse of the mess God is regularly putting back in order.

Caleb and I have spent most of our married life dreaming together about a homestead – a place where we can have our own bit of land to raise our family and truly settle.  For us a homestead speaks of putting down roots, growth, learning, new beginnings, and hope.

That’s really the heart of what we wanted to see happen here – stories of God’s tender care as we learn to tend our hearts, family, and home.  Welcome to our tended homestead.