Several months ago before our move to North Carolina, I was praying for ideas for extra income to be able to give. I had quit work after my youngest was born and was wanting to be able to give in a greater way than we had the finances to give. As I was praying one day, I had an idea to try making metal stamped jewelry. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to experiment (since I love crafty things anyway!) and realized Caleb had a lot of the starter supplies I needed (shout out to an amazing husband!!). On my first piece I stamped the word “trust.” I then got busy and didn’t have time to get back to trying more designs so I just kept wearing the one piece I made.

Little did I know, but that simple necklace was exactly what I needed. We ended up feeling like it was time to move to be closer to family. Caleb quit his job, we sold our house, and moved to North Carolina with no jobs and moved in with my parents. Countless times during those months I would be worried and scared and haunted by the fears of what could go wrong. In the middle of a worry session, I would happen to walk by a mirror and see the word “trust” on the necklace and feel God’s gentle reminder that He was with me. He knew the future and everything would be okay. Through that season, I broke through another level of the fear and anxiety I have struggled with. The jewelry itself doesn’t have any power, but the gentle reminder it was to place my focus and thoughts back on God and on His provision and leading was exactly what I needed.

As we have gotten more settled in North Carolina, I’ve been spending the girls’ nap time pounding on metal and experimenting with what I can make (and had so much fun!!)

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